THANK YOU Baby Bottle (10 oz) – Standard

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Be honest now. Have you ever seen an eco-bottle as cute as this one?

Isn’t this the most beautiful and environmental friendly baby bottle you’ve ever seen? Babies should be no exception in being part of a greener planet. Don’t you want your baby to feel and taste natural materials instead of plastic?  This is most likely the best choice for environmentally conscious parents who wish to pass these values on to their children.  An additional advantage of this high quality bottle is that it can be sterilized through boiling at 212°F (100°C), thus ensuring perfect hygiene for your baby.

The return of the classic glass baby bottle is here. Now with the unique new benefit of Golden Ratio Design restructuring the water in every liquid that you give your child.

Extra Bottles without the cork are available in sets of 2 for $32.

Adorable, safe and pure nature: it doesn’t get better than that!

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What makes these bottles so special is that they are made only of natural and degradable materials, which do not burden the environment.  The first 100% eco bottles were named “THANK YOU”, because if our planet had the ability to speak, it would utter the following words to Nature’s Design company and all the users of our bottles:  “Thank you for choosing these glass bottles in favor of the plastic ones.”

The new family of THANK YOU products consists of four members:  17 oz and 24 oz bottles, a 10 oz bottle for hot beverages and a 10 oz baby bottle. The bottles are made exclusively of natural materials:  glass, wood, cork, metal.  The glass is made from 40% recycled white glass and 60% Quartz sand.

All the bottles have an appealing design, give user satisfaction and have a proven long life.  In our attempt to care for the environment, any bottle part that becomes worn or missing can be purchased individually at any time.  This will enable the long use of the bottle without imposing any additional impact on the environment.

How do I care for it?

Prior to first use please sterilize the bottle, nipple and accessories in boiling water for 5 minutes and let them cool off.

Clean the bottle, teat and accessory parts thoroughly under running warm water prior to every use and disinfect them regularly by sterilizing them in boiling water.  Please ensure that there is a sufficient amount of liquid in the pot when sterilizing teats and bottles to prevent their damage.

The nipple is a consumable part that will wear out over time of use.  This is a normal, natural process of use, and therefore we also offer the teats as a separate replacement part.

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