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Coolest bottle on the planet. Get your hands on it!

 The trendy, practical Lagoena bottle (this is the 24 ounce version) was developed specifically to take with you.  With the proportions of the golden ratio and manufactured using a semi-automatic machine production process from temperature resistant refractory glass, the Lagoena meets the highest standards for quality.  With a tightly sealing wooden lid, the Lagoena won’t leak.   A precisely fitted shell of natural cork protects the bottle against shock and it fits all popular bottle carrier/holders.  This non-slip cover feels wonderful and can be easily removed for cleaning.   Also suitable for hot beverages up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
All the bottles have an appealing design, give user satisfaction and have a proven long life. In our attempt to care for the environment, any bottle part that becomes worn or missing can be purchased individually at any time. This will enable the long use of the bottle without imposing any additional impact on the environment.

The Lagoena is NOT suitable for freezing. Clean the bottle by removing the rubber bands and cork outer shell.  DO NOT clean the SCREW-CAP LID of the Lagoena bottle in hot and/or soapy water or in the dishwasher.  Clean gently by hand with a clean, damp cloth.

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Why use the Lagoena Bottle?

1. ECOLOGY:  With the reduction of plastic waste you make a lasting contribution to a clean planet.

The annual consumption of plastic bottled water is 150,000,000,000 litres!

The discarded plastic bottles represent 2.7 MILLION tons of plastic waste – EVERY YEAR! In fact, more than 38,000 plastic bottles are sold every MINUTE.  The majority (more than 70 %) of these plastic bottles are never recycled, instead they are dumped on landfills or dispersed all over the planet ending up in our oceans, where plastic endangers marine life.  A plastic bottle will take more than 700 years to decompose.  This is an environmental disaster.

2. HEALTH: Water is best stored in glass, not plastic.

The Lagoena Bottle is made from glass.  There are many reasons why this glass is preferable to plastic. For example:

·       Glass is made from all-natural sustainable raw material.

·       Glass is 100% recyclable and can be re-used endlessly with no loss in quality or purity.

·       Consumers prefer glass for preserving a product’s taste or flavor.

·       Glass is easier to clean and more hygienic than plastic.

·       There is no risk of pure glass leaching toxic chemicals into your drinking water.

3. NATURAL MATERIALS:  The Lagoena Bottle is made from natural materials and is fully recyclable.

The wooden cap is made from beech and is FSC-certified.  The inner screw cap is made of wood biomass, natural resins and wax, starch, cellulose, natural oils etc.  The rubber band is made from a rubber-mixture, collected from rubber trees.  The cork sleeve is made from the crushed waste bark of the cork oak.  The bottle is made from natural silica sand (60%) and recycled white glass (40%).  You can feel good about using something that comes from the Earth, and will eventually go back to the Earth.

4. SAVINGSTap water is substantially cheaper than water in plastic bottles.

Thanks to the Lagoena Bottle, the environment will not only be less littered with thousands of plastic bottles – thousands of dollars will stay in people’s pockets.  A hundred litres of tap water costs more than 300 times as much when it is sold in plastic bottles!  Often, the quality of both tap and bottled water are similar or even identical, and many bottled waters are taken from public water supplies.  Significant money can be saved by drinking tap water.

5. TASTE: The bottle’s unique shape, which is based on the Golden Ratio principle, improves the water’s taste and vitality.

The patented bottle design has been proven to improve the taste and vitality of water.  In a laboratory, changes can be observed under a microscope – water becomes wonderfully hexagonally crystal-shaped.  Tap water will become noticeably softer and more desirable for drinking.  The secret is in the Golden Ratio shape which revitalises the tap water and restores it to its natural harmonic state, as proven with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s test method.


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