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Love this concoction.  Recently read about the amazing properties of these spices and realized these gems have something special to offer.  With this group you get a laying effect of Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral, Anti Infectious, Anti Fungal, Anti Septic, Anti Microbial, Anti Inflammatory, Anti Cancer, Anti Tumor and Anti Oxidant qualities just to name a few (seriously).

I decided it was worth a try to see what a tea of these gems would taste like and was pleasantly surprised.  The proportions that work for me are equal parts of Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary and Cinnamon; using about a half teaspoon of each with one or two dried clove buds for 2 cups of hot water.

I like to make up a larger mixture of the first four spices to have them ready to go.  Adding the clove at the point of making my pot of tea.  I usually will make a 4 cup pot of tea so that I have some later to either drink cold or rewarm.  It is honestly good booth ways.

I give this to my dog and cat as well just to support them.  Also using this tea when my immune is fighting off an illness.

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  • Chiquita Collins

    How many times a day do you recommend drinking the tea?

    • Maureen Groetsch

      I recommend drinking a pot (4 cups) at the onset of disease in the body. Or if you are just interested in fortifying you immune system drink as often as you like. I tend to drink a pot at a point I feel my body is working on a disturbance.

  • Kim Kacer

    Do you ‘sweeten’ at all, (honey, maybe?) or does the clove & cinnamon make it unneeded?

    • Maureen Groetsch

      I like to sweeten slightly, Honey would work fine. It really depends on your taste buds. But to answer your question… Yes I sweeten with some organic liquid stevia.

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