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So Happy and appreciative of a testimonial I received today just have to share:

Maureen’s healing work with the Chiren has consistently improved physical issues and emotional imbalances in the long run and short term. I’ve been receiving Chiren treatments for over two years and have seen improvements in anxiety, depression, circulation (including varicose vein swelling reduction) and intestinal imbalance. The ongoing aspect most profoundly appreciated is the treatments ability to offer immediate reduction of pain coming from osteoarthritis in my knees, neck,and hands. The relief has allowed me to continue with my physically active Thai Yoga Bodywork practice and yoga exercise.
I have found the Chiren Light work to aid in retaining the desired youthful active life in my 60’s. I also believe this is accomplished only in conjunction with Maureen’s intuition, dedication, insight, and drive to serve.\\Pat C.

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