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Receiving healing treatments from Maureen Groetsch was an extremely pleasant experience. She is a kind, considerate, loving person who gives you her full attention. She genuinely cares and connects with her clients.

Maureen’s light treatments had a rapid and profound affect on my body and state of mind.

I started seeing Maureen for a serious back injury and severe pain that I had been experiencing for many years which limited my movement and the sleeping positions I could comfortably use.  After receiving the light treatments I was able to resume sleeping positions that I previously had not used for years.  Although I have tried and continue to use many healing modalities this one was the catalyst for continued healing and positive changes.

The other powerful affect I noticed after the very first treatment and with all ensuing treatments was that I had deep feelings of happiness, ease and well being, and a greater sense of comfort in my own skin?

I highly recommend Maureen for healing pain or poor health of any kind. Her work doesn’t just remove the symptoms. It heals the underlying  cause and generates long term health.

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